Auto air conditioning problems are best handled by a professional because of the complex nature of fixing it. You will experience problems that cause the air-conditioning system to blow hot air into your car or the air might have a moldy smell to it. There are several reasons for this and a proper diagnostic check will identify the cause(s).

Your mechanic will check to if the compressors are leaking or maybe the refrigerants needs to be topped-up. Clogging of the system can be as a result of poor maintenance practices. The mechanic will check to see if the refrigerant levels are up to mark; he will then check inside the vehicle to observe the cooling performance of the air-conditioning system.

As part of the trouble-shooting process the fuses, fan-belts, wires and switches are all checked to ensure that it is not faulty. If the unit is under performing and the refrigerant level is high, then he will proceed to take out the compressor; especially if there are noises coming from it. Because of where the compressor is located in the car, special tools are needed to take it out with damaging the surrounding areas. Fixing a compressor is a tough job and usually takes the technician a day to repair.

Sometimes the compressor does not start up when you switch on the air-conditioning. The mechanic will connect the compressor directly to the car battery and if it starts and begins to blow cool air, then the problem is with the switch or the clutch relay if the compressor fails to start when connected directly to the battery.

Another air-conditioning problem is when everything seems to be working fine, meaning that the compressor is running, the refrigerant levels are up to the level and yet still the A/C is blowing hot air. The cause of this problem could be a blockage in one of tubes. The blockage causes the evaporator to receive a low intake of refrigerants than it should, the result is hot air blown into the car.

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