Depend on Us for Your AC Needs!

November 5, 2013 Adrien's Service StationBlogMiami Auto Repair

No matter the season, you want a working Air Conditioning system in your vehicle. If your AC is acting up, bring it on by to Adrien’s Service Station. Our Miami Auto Service Stationcompany is the best in the region, with an experienced and knowledgeable crew dedicated to providing efficient and honest service to all our customers. We’ll thoroughly inspect, diagnose, and treat any problems with your car’s AC at the most competitive price.

There are a number of AC problems typical to all automobiles; you may experience hot air blowing into your car or notice a moldy smell emitting from the vents, among other things. Our mechanics know how to run all the proper diagnostics in order to identify the source of the problem. They will check the compressors to determine whether or not they are leaking or if the refrigerants need to be topped off- clogging of the system is usually a result of poor maintenance practices. Another part of the trouble-shooting process involves inspection of the fuses, fan-belts, wires and switches to make sure they are not faulty. Once these aspects are checked, the mechanic will then move on to the compressor, which involves a more time-consuming process. If the AC system is still malfunctioning, then the problem can be with blockage in one of the tubes.

The handling of your Miami Car AC should be left to professionals due to the complex nature of fixing it, and there are no better individuals to do so than our well-equipped, ASE Certified technicians. At Adrien’s Service Station, we value our customers, and therefore provide free estimations and advice to customers, accessible through our website or in person. You can email us at, or contact us by calling 305-634-5472. We speak English, Spanish, French, and Creole.

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