Here’s Your Yearly Car Maintenance Checklist

September 20, 2013 BlogUncategorized

No matter how long you’ve been driving or how experienced you are in car maintenance, anybody can maintain a vehicle. The following checklist and safety tips will assist you in making sure your vehicle is in tip top shape throughout the year.

1. Check the radiator and hoses for leaks and/or cracking. The leaks could cause water coolant loss.

2. Check your tires. When the temperature changes, the tires gain and lose air pressure. Maintain the pressure that is shown on the side of your vehicles tires; this will help with gas mileage. You can check the tread depth, as well, to make sure they are not too low.

3. Headlights, taillights and market lights – if one head light or brake light goes out, you should replace both.

4. Windshield wiper blades – replace at the end of summer heading into fall, and at the end of winter heading into spring.

5. License and registration – make sure you pay and renew this (as well as placing the sticker on the rear of your vehicle) so that you do not have to pay a fine.

6. Check for leaks under your vehicle – for brake or steering fluid, oil, antifreeze/coolant, and transmission. If there is green under your car it is your antifreeze, red could mean transmission or brake fluid, black would be the oil. If it is clear it may be condensation from your ac compressor unit.

7. Change your car’s fluid and filter at least once a year.

8. Have safety kits and first-aid packs for emergencies. These should include a flashlight, blanket, flares, jumper cables, portable radio, cell phone, and matches, plus band-aids, antiseptic ointment, gauze, alcohol pads, and sterile water.

9. Spare tire – have this checked out when your other tires are being rotated or changed.

10. Visually inspect belts and hoses – look for worn belts, dry rot, cracks in belts and hoses. This will help to avoid damage to your engine.

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