When Should You Change Your Oil?

September 11, 2013 BlogUncategorized

Most car owners get an oil change every 3,000 miles or every 3 months, but recent sources have indicated that such frequency in performing oil changes is unnecessary. Contrary to what some ad campaigns would have you believe, changing your oil that often is likely to be a waste of money-and oil. If you’re driving a car that is less than five years old, this is especially true, as improvements in quality lubricants and tighter tolerances in the assembly of automotive engines are making the 3,000-mile baseline moot.

Adrien’s Service Station offers more-effective alternatives that would reduce their number of oil changes to every 5,000 miles, or even 6-7,000 miles. Changing to regular multi-viscosity motor oil for your Miami Oil change, costing as little as $20 with us at Adrien’s Service Station, can achieve these desirable results and significantly reduce the cost of your car maintenance. Additionally, all of our locations offer a $59 Full Synthetic Oil change and a $30 Conventional Oil change, during which a detailed inspection of your vehicle will be conducted as part of the service. Our technicians are all ASE Certified and well-equipped to handle all major and minor automotive repairs.

At Adrien’s Service Station, we are passionate about providing the best care and services to our customers’ vehicles, utilizing 35+ years of experience in the automotive industry to make us the best choice for your next Miami Auto Repair. We are a full-service repair facility specializing in domestic and imported cars, vans, and SUV’s, offering quality services such as brake repair and assessment, and air conditioning maintenance. We represent an honest establishment, with all the information you need on our professional processes available on our website, and offer reasonable prices on our services that you won’t find anywhere else. You can email us through our website, or you can contact us by calling 305-634-5472 for all your automotive needs.

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